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You’ll get 50% up to $200 just for making your initial deposit at Get started today!

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Just the Details

Bonus Match

Match 50% of your first deposit amount

Wager Requirement

You’ll have to wager 10 times the amount of your deposit



Unlimited, the bonus never expires!

Maximum Bonus

Get up to $200 bonus funds ($400+ deposit)

Total Wagers

Wager $4,000 all told to receive the entire $200 bonus.


Bonus Code

No code needed for the 5Dimes Welcome Bonus


Basic Terms

Offer only good on first deposit. Bonus must be requested from support. Only wagering in “Sportsbook Main” will count for WR. Bonus is non-cashable and will be issued to your account in parts. You can use bonus funds to bet, but then they are removed – you’ll be credited to your real-money balance only with the winnings from each wager.

5Dimes Bonus Code

There’s no code required to get your welcome bonus at 5Dimes! Simply contact support via email, telephone or live chat within 24 hours of your deposit to request that it be added to your account.

Be aware that by using a first deposit bonus at 5Dimes, you’ll be switching from the Reduced Juice Rewards program to the Free-Play Rewards program. If you intend to place a large volume of bets at 5Dimes, it may be a good idea to remain on Reduced Juice and therefore pass on the initial deposit bonus offer.

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5Dimes Welcome Bonus

If you’re in the mood to bet on sports at 5Dimes, then there’s a 50% up to $200 bonus with your name on it. Simply make your qualifying deposit and let support know that you want the receive the New Player Free-Play. If you deposit $400 or more, you’ll max out this bonus.

Please note that there are disadvantages to electing to receive this bonus and thereby moving to the Free-Play Rewards program. You can always chat with support and have them explain all the Rewards programs so that you can choose the one that’s best for you.

Terms & Conditions

You can only receive the 50% up to $200 bonus on your first deposit at 5Dimes. Contact support within 24 hours of your deposit to request that the bonus be added. There’s no need for any bonus or promo code. There’s no timeframe by which you must complete the rollover requirements: Take as long as you need.

Every time you place bets equaling the value of your deposit, 10% of your bonus will be added to your Rewards balance. Thus you’ll have to make wagers totaling 10 times the value of your deposit before the entirety of your bonus is available. Be aware that it is the lesser of the risk or win amount for each bet that counts towards the bonus rollover. Only bets in the “Sportsbook Main” section of the website will contribute to unlocking the bonus.

After your bonus monies become available, you can use them to place bets, but they cannot be withdrawn at any time as they are for wagering purposes only. Whenever you place a bet and you have an active Rewards balance, you’ll get to select whether you wish to use your main balance or your rewards balance. Any Reward dollars used to make bets are gone forever, but the winnings will be paid out in real money. Betting both sides of the same contest is a strict no-no and will lead to the forfeiture of the rewards so used.

You must retain your deposit in your account for a minimum of 30 days. Requesting a withdrawal before this time will result in the confiscation of your bonus and winnings. This requirement is considered as being met, however, if you should lose your entire balance, including Rewards that have been earned, before 30 days are up. Transfers to the poker room or other third-party products may count as withdrawals for the purposes of this rule.

Customers outside North America are restricted to a maximum first deposit of $100 if they wish to take advantage of the welcome free play.

Clearing the Bonus

You still have some work to do after making your deposit to take advantage of the free bonus amount. Supposing you deposit $400 to max out your bonus at $200, the bonus funds will sit in a pending bonus balance until you earn them by wagering a specified amount.

Your bonus will be issued to you every time you place bets amounting to the value of your deposit. So when you bet $400, $20 will be unlocked and placed in your Rewards account. Keep wagering until you’ve turned over 10 times the value of your deposit to receive 100% of your bonus.

It’s the lower of the risk or win amount of each wager that will count towards the wagering requirements. So if you bet $20 to win $40, it’s the $20 bet amount that counts. If you bet $20 to win $10, then it’s the $10 win amount that is taken into consideration.

Let’s say you need to bet $400 to receive the first $20 installment of your bonus. You elect to bet $210 on the SuperBowl to win $200. Well, your playthrough requirements will be lowered by the $200 of the win amount. Then you elect to bet $100 on an NCAA basketball game at even money. You’ll therefore reduce the playthrough amount by another $100, leaving $100 to go. You opt for another bet at $100 but the amount to win is only $75. You’ll still have $25 to go, which you finally fulfill by placing your $25 at even money on a Major League Baseball contest. The amounts you’ve contributed to the rollover are ($200 + $100 + $75 + $25), which is $400, and a 10% portion of your bonus will become active. Complete this procedure 9 more times, and you’ll have received the entire $200 bonus.

If you make bets averaging $50 in rollover each, it will only take 80 wagers before you’ll have unlocked the entire $200 bonus. Take heart because you have an infinite amount of time to do so; there’s no bonus expiration date at 5Dimes.

Once you have your rewards issued to your account, you can use them to place bets, but they cannot ever be withdrawn and, in fact, will be used up as you wager with them. For every bet you make, you’ll have the option to use either your real-money balance or your free-play funds. For every wager of the form, “Risk x to win y,” that you make with your bonus money, x amount will be subtracted permanently from your Rewards balance, and in the event that you win, you’ll get y added to your real-money balance. So if you bet $25 to win $30, $25 is gone for good from your bonus, and the $30 will be added to your main balance if you should be lucky enough to win the bet.

Bonuses, while important, are only one part of the equation when deciding whether or not to open up an account at 5Dimes. Get the complete rundown at our 5Dimes mobile review.

Ample Betting Opportunities!

Wager on almost any sport you can think of with $200 for free from 5Dimes!

Complimentary $200 for You!

Reload Bonuses

As long as you’re on the Free Play Rewards program at 5Dimes, you’ll be eligible for frequent reload bonuses. How frequent? Well, how does infinite sound? That’s right, you can get a reload bonus on EVERY SINGLE REDEPOSIT YOU MAKE at 5Dimes!

Reload Rules

For a deposit of between $100 and $249, you’ll get a fixed $40 reload bonus. Deposits between $250 and $2,500 qualify for a bonus of 20% of the amount deposited. All redeposit bonuses must be requested from support personnel within 24 hours of the deposit because the process of issuing these rewards is not automatic.

If you live in North America, you need prior approval before making a deposit that would bring your balance plus pending bonus amount above $2,500. If you live outside North America, you must obtain approval before making a deposit that would lead to a balance+pending value greater than $250.

Wager Requirements

Every time you roll over your deposit value, 20 percent of the reload bonus will become unlocked. Wager five times the amount of your deposit, and you’ll have received the entire reload bonus.

Double Rewards

Watch out for special Double Rewards periods that run from time to time throughout the year at 5Dimes. When this promotion is active, you’ll be able to get a double percentage match on your reload deposits without being subject to any extra rollover. If you’re on another rewards plan besides Free Play, there are different benefits that may apply to you during Double Rewards.

Other Promotions

There are both seasonal as well as somewhat permanent promos going on a 5Dimes. The more noteworthy ones include:

Extra Free-Play Reward

If you’re going to be taking advantage of the 50% up to $200 bonus as a first-time depositor on the Free-Play Reward program, then you can qualify for a larger free-play by depositing more. Every initial deposit greater than $400, up to $2,000, will award the player with an extra 20% on top of the standard $200 bonus on the portion of the deposit above $400. So if you fund your account with $2,000, you’ll get the standard $200 bonus along with 20% of ($2,000 – $400), or $320. You can thus max out your bonus funds at $520.

Casino Promos

Don’t forget that 5Dimes offers other gambling options besides the sportsbook, such as three separate casinos. As a member in good standing at 5Dimes, you’re entitled to the Mad Bonus Casino promotion wherein you’ll get to choose a 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% or 100% casino bonus with a playthrough on the bonus amount equal to the percentage match that you opt for. If this offer doesn’t appeal to you, then you can get free spins in the Grand Casino. Receive up to 25 free spins on the Spirit of the Inca slot machine depending on size of your deposit.

If you’re on the Free-Play Rewards program, then in addition to selecting one of the above two bonuses, you’ll also be eligible for a 50% up to $125 MatchPlay Casino bonus. This non-cashable bonus has a playthrough requirement of 10 times the size of your deposit.

5Dimes VIP: Reward Programs

Unlike most of its competitors, 5Dimes doesn’t offer a traditional VIP program. Instead, there are a number of different reward schemes that you can choose to have applied to your account. Select the Rewards program that you feel would bring you the most benefit! Every account is automatically enrolled in the Reduced Juice Rewards option, but you can request that support switch you to another program at any time. Choose wisely: You can only change your rewards program once over the lifetime of your account. The Reward options available are:

Reduced Juice: Get 10-cent lines on NFL, NCAA football and basketball, CFL, NBA, WNBA, NHL, MMA and many other events. Special 5-cent, overnight MLB lines available until 8 am ET.
Free-Play: Get deposit bonuses and reload bonuses in the sportsbook and various casino products.
Cash Back: Get a rebate on your losses in the Sportsbook, Racebook, casinos and Lotto products. Receive between 5% and 20% back depending on how often you wish to receive payment of the rebate.
30% Super Saver: Get -107 style pricing on many NFL, NCAA, CFL, MLB, NHL and other sports contest. In addition, your winnings on parleys of up to 25 teams will be boosted above the normal payout schedule.
Point Mover Special: Buy points on NFL spreads, NFL totals, NBA/WNBA spreads, basketball totals and other wagering options at a reduced price.
Casino Rebate: Get a 21% rebate on your losses in all of 5Dimes’ casinos once every 30 days.
On the House: Get your eighth deposit placed into your account on the house. The value applied will be equal to the average of your first seven deposits if you have lost them all. If you also lose the eighth deposit, you’ll get a ninth deposit applied to your account on the house as well.
Free Payout: No charges on one payout request per month on any day of the week.


Player Choice

With several reward options available, you’ll be able to choose the one that you like the best.


No Points Required

There are no weekly, monthly, yearly or other betting totals or points that must be earned. Simply select your rewards program and begin to receive the benefits immediately.


Non-exclusive Rewards

Besides the perks provided by your preferred Rewards plan, there are other extras that are open to players on any rewards program, such as poker freerolls and Grand Casino comp points.

Convenient Mobile Betting at 5Dimes!

5Dimes has worked hard to ensure that their sportsbook works well with virtually any Internet-enabled mobile device. Sign up today, and get your bonus of up to $200. USA PLAYERS OK!


The 5Dimes Casino has live dealers! Learn more about the 5Dimes Live Casino here. Click here for other Live Dealer USA sites!

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