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The Tour de France, held annually since 1903 with only occasional interruptions, is considered by fans to be the most prestigious event in cycling. As its name might imply, it is held mostly in France, but there are occasional forays into neighboring countries. In recent years, the competition consisted of every team listed as a Proteam in the Union Cycliste Internationale along with a few specially invited second-tier teams, for a total of 22 teams. Each team consists of nine cyclists, giving a starting field of 198.

If you’d like to cheer for your favorite cycler or team, then you might be interested in cycling betting. We’ll show you how to do all your Tour de France betting online from the convenience of your home. You can also use your mobile device to place your cycling bets over the Internet no matter where you happen to be.

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Tour de France Details

In order to know exactly what you’re betting on, it might be helpful to review some information about the Tour de France before you make your wagers. If you’re already conversant in the way the Tour de France is run, then you can skip this section and continue reading for more on the types of cycling betting wagers that are offered.

Tour de France Details

The competition consists of 21 separate segments, each lasting one day apiece. The time it takes for each cylist to complete each leg is assiduously recorded, and the winner is the individual with the lowest combined total time for finishing all stages. While the exact layout of the stages shifts slightly every year, the final leg of the race always ends at the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

While the number of riders to start the race is fixed at 198, the rigorous nature of the nearly month-long tour inevitably leads to a certain number of them failing to finish the race. In 2015, 160 competitors passed the finish line while in 2014, 164 riders made it to the end. The reasons for being eliminated from the contest include failing a drug test, not finishing a stage within the prescribed maximum time, suffering disabling injuries and simply withdrawing on one’s own initiative from the event.

The various stages are categorized as flat, hilly or mountain depending on the terrain involved. In most stages, all the cyclists begin together and mostly move along the road in a large group, called the “peloton.” When they get to the finish line, all riders that seem to arrive at around the same time as part of a clump of competitors are awarded the same time. This rule was inaugurated in order to stop dangerous, last-minute, multi-person sprints to the finish line, which caused many crashes and injuries among competitors eager to shave a couple of seconds off their times. Time bonuses are awarded to the first three contestants to complete each stage.

Besides the so-called “mass stages” described above, there are also usually a couple of individual time trial stages. These allow each rider to achieve his or her best time without worrying about getting caught in the midst of a group. This is achieved by staggering the starting times for each cyclist so that they’re spread far apart. In some years, there’s also a team time trial stage, in which each team’s nine members race at the same time, with their finishing time defined as that of their fifth member to finish the stage.

Whoever finishes the Tour de France with the lowest cumulative time over all the stages is deemed the winner of the general classification and the overall victor of the competition. As the race unfolds, whoever is currently in the lead for the general classification at the start of each stage is allowed to don the coveted yellow jersey.

There’s a special mountains classification in which points are issued to the first riders to reach the summit during each mountain stage, and the winner is the individual who has the most points by the end. At the beginning of each stage, whoever is in the points lead for this competition gets to wear the climber’s jersey: white with red polka dots.

The points classification aims to reward sprinters – those athletes who specialize in riding at high speeds on level terrain – by granting points to the first 15 people to reach a predetermined point during each stage as well as the first 15 to finish the stage. Just as with the mountain classification, the winner of the points classification is the one who has accumulated the most points by the race’s end. The leader in the points classification gets to wear a green jersey.

To determine the winners of the team classification, the fastest three times on each team for each stage are added together. The victor is that team with the lowest such combined time. All riders in the team that’s leading the team classification can wear yellow helmets.

There are assorted other classifications up for grabs at the Tour de France. Most teams and cyclists have their eyes on one or a couple of them and tailor their strategies accordingly. Occasionally, they may shift focus in the middle of the Tour when circumstances present them with a favorable opportunity to do so. For instance, a team may have been trying for one of its members to take the general classification, only for that rider to become injured and unable to continue. In that case, the team might find that it’s accidentally in contention for the team classification or another member is high in the ranks for the mountains classification.

How to read Tour de France Odds

Before you proceed with your Tour de France betting, it’s important to learn how to read Tour de France odds. That way, you’ll know how much you stand to collect if your wager should win for you. To get started, head over to your bookie’s website, and go to the “Cycling” section. Pick “Tour de France” or whatever other cycling competition you’re interested in.

You’ll see a variety of wagers available with odds listed like so:

Tour de France – Winner

Chris Froome: 2.37
Nairo Quintana: 3.00
Alberto Contador: 4.00

Ryder Hesjedal: 501.00
Tony Martin: 501.00
Mark Cavendish: 3501.00

The number next to each rider indicates how much you’ll collect for each unit bet on that individual, including the amount of your stake back. So with the odds shown above, you can bet £10 on Nairo Quintana at 3.00, and if your wager is successful, you’ll get back £30 for a profit of £20.

Note that the fields for the various bets tend to be quite large due to the number of participants involved. So you won’t just see odds for two or three possibilities like you would tend to find in other sports. This is a double-edged sword: While it might be a bit more complicated to find a cyclist that you feel comfortable backing, on the other hand, the returns possible by selecting an underdog who makes good should more than compensate you for the extra due diligence required.

Rather than the Decimal format odds that we’re using for illustrative purposes, you might find the lines expressed in Fractional or American formats. It should be trivial to adjust the settings at your sports-betting site to show them in Decimal format instead. Or if you’re more comfortable using another format, by all means do so.

Types of Cycling Bets Available

There’s more involved in cycling betting than just picking the competitor that you like best. Read on to find out the details of various types of wagers that are available so that you won’t be caught by surprise. Make a single type of wager, or spread your action out a bit so that you’ll achieve a nice result if any one of your bets pays off.

To Win Outright

Make your choice as to the rider who will win the general classification in the Tour de France or emerge victorious in whatever other cycling competition you opt to bet on. This is the most straightforward type of wager offered and is mostly self-explanatory.

Pick the Tour de France Winner at bet365

Classifications Betting

Remember that in addition to the general classification of the Tour, there are also several other classifications, like the mountain classification and the points classification. Pick an individual to win any of these, and you’ll be able to collect your winnings if the person you wager on prevails.

Choose Your Favorites in Each Classification at bet365 Sports

Top 3 Finish

This type of wager is a bit easier than choosing who will win outright. A first, second or third place finish from the cyclist you pick will be good enough for you to collect on your Top 3 bet. There’s also a similar Top 10 wager type offered by some bookmakers in which the competitor only needs to be one of the 10 cyclists with the best times for your bet to pay off.

Predict Who Will Place in the Top 3 at bet365,com

Stage Betting

Remember that the Tour de France consists of 21 separate segments. You can bet on the participant who will win a specific stage. This is great if you have a solid understanding of which competitors are proficient on flat, hilly or mountainous terrain. As the race progresses, choose new favorites as you get a handle on how they’re likely to perform on the various upcoming stages.

Wager at bet365 on Each Stage of the Tour de France

Match Ups

Match-up betting is great if the vast fields and numerous possibilities under consideration threaten to leave your head spinning. With this type of wager, you’ll only be interested in the performance of two specific riders against each other. For example, you might see a bet that looks something like:

Alberto Contador v Richie Porte

Alberto Contador: 1.25
Richie Porte: 3.75

Choose which one you like best, and your account balance will increase if he should outperform the other.

Bet on Exciting Head-to-Head Action with bet365’s Match-up Wagering

Number of Finishers

Over the course of the Tour de France, a number of cyclists will undoubtedly withdraw from the event, become disqualified or receive debilitating injuries. You can bet on how many will actually finish the race. You’ll have to guess whether this number will be higher or lower than a key number. Your options will look something like:

Number of Finishers

Over 160.5: 2.00
Under 160.5: 1.72

Guess correctly on this easy-to-understand prediction, and you’ll receive winnings at the odds indicated.

Take a Chance on the Over/Under of Tour Finishers with bet365

Yellow Jerseys

In the Tour de France, whoever is currently in the lead for the general classification prior to the start of any stage gets the opportunity to wear the coveted yellow jersey during that stage. The lead usually changes hands several times from the beginning to the end of the competition. You can guess how many different players will wind up donning the yellow jersey throughout the course of the race. You usually have four choices, like so:

Number of Riders to Wear Yellow Jersey

Under 4.5: 3.50
Over 4.5: 1.28
Under 5.5: 1.72
Over 5.5: 2.00

Choose How Many Tour Participants Will Get to Don the Yellow Jersey at

Other Tour de France Betting Possibilities

Depending on your specific bookie, you may see many other betting possibilities when it comes to the Tour de France and other cycling events. These include the opportunity to forecast the winner and runner-up in the exact order you specify, the ability take a chance on how many stages a particular rider will win and the ability to guess on margins of victory. Peruse the bets open to you carefully so that you can find those that capture your attention.

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