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Daily Fantasy Criteria

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Deposit Bonus

You can get some real value out of the sign-up bonuses on offer at Daily Fantasy Sports sites. We evaluate every bonus carefully so that you’ll know which sites offer the best deals.

Mobile Software

Want to draft your team while on the go? We rate the mobile software at various sites to give you an idea of how easy or difficult it will be.

Desktop Software

Even though mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular, there are times when you want to do everything from your desktop computer. We’ve looked at the desktop software offerings of our featured brands for you.


Moving your money to and fro is important for anyone playing DFS, so we always compile information on the deposit methods and payout options offered by our top sites.

VIP & Other Promotions

You’d be making a mistake if you ignore loyalty clubs, reload bonuses and other promos. We’ve investigated the leading DFS sites to find out which ones take good care of their longtime players.

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Just as with any online business, you deserve to know how trustworthy and reliable a DFS operation is before you put any money at risk. We only partner with reputable sites that have demonstrated their competence, honestly and professionalism.
We wish to give you detailed information that you can use to choose where to play, so we grade the daily fantasy sports sites that we promote according to these six criteria. After trying some of them out, you might wish to share your experiences, both positive and negative, so feel free to enter a user review on our review page for the company in question.

What is Daily Fantasy?

How to signup and play fantasy games.
Fantasy games have been popular for decades. If you’re a sports fan, you’ve likely joined a league throughout the years. However, the biggest issue most people had with these leagues were the commitments. Joining an MLB fantasy league requires a lot of time and dedication since a season lasts about 6 months. This is why Daily Fantasy may be for you.

Daily Fantasy sites use a similar concept. You draft teams or players, with one major different. You play in daily or weekly events, rather than joining a league for the entire season. This is much more flexible and you can make a lot more money!

How to Get Started in Daily Fantasy Sports

It’s easy to partake in this exciting form of competition. You need merely select a site, create your account, and make an initial deposit. Once you have money in your balance, you’ll be able to enter a range of contests in various sports and try your luck against the other players. It may be possible to turn a small investment into hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more. The largest prizes awarded have exceeded $1 million!

What Differentiates DFS From Other Online Sports Gaming?

Unlike at traditional sportsbooks, you’re not betting on the outcome of a single game with DFS. Instead you’re picking a roster of players and trying to achieve the best stats. Other players are doing the same thing, so the contest is player vs. player rather than player vs. house. Much as in poker tournaments, another PvP game, the operators merely collect a certain percentage off the top of each entry, which is how they make their money.

The first online fantasy offerings had players draft teams for a whole season. This meant that it took quite a while to resolve the winners, and if you drafted poorly, you could be stuck with a mediocre team for months on end without being able to do anything about it. Nowadays, it’s more common to play in daily leagues, which resolve very quickly and allow losers to try for better luck tomorrow.

Mobile Screenshot from DraftKings

How Does a DFS Contest Work?

Most DFS sites offer a variety of types of games, including head-to-head battles, small contests with perhaps one or two dozen and large tournaments with thousands of participants. Some of the most popular fantasy sports are baseball, football, golf and hockey. Entry fees range from $0 for freerolls up to thousands of dollars.

After you find an event that you would like to play, you’ll get to choose your lineup of players. You must draft a certain number of players at each position; it would be ridiculous to have a team of all quarterbacks in football or solely starting pitchers in baseball. Each player that you can draft has a salary, and you must stay within a specified salary cap. This makes the game more interesting as you cannot just load up on superstars; there’s a place for underrated or overlooked second-tier players to make a contribution to your team. After you submit your choices, that’s it – you needn’t do anything else other than watch to find out how your players perform.

Players score points for your team based upon their stats on the day in question. Each different sport has its own schedule for awarding points, which is listed on the website of the fantasy sports operator. For example, in baseball, a home run might be worth 4 points, a single 1 point, and a pitcher’s win 4 points. The points earned by every player on your roster are totted up to arrive at your total number of points.

The teams with the highest number of points will split up the prize pool, which consists of all the entry fees paid less a certain fraction taken by the site. In some of the smaller events, there’s only one winner, who will scoop all the money, but in larger leagues, hundreds or even thousands of participants receive prizes.

Benefits of Daily Fantasy Sports

There are a few factors that might make daily fantasy sports one of your favorite ways to spend time online. They include:

Speedy Contests – Due to the daily format, you won’t have to wait around forever to find out if you won or lost
Vast Information Available – Because the stats of players in major sports leagues are widely available, you can easily get all the info you need to make quality drafting decisions
Bonuses and Other Promos – Because DFS companies are all in competition with each other, they offer frequent perks to entice users to play at their sites
Favorable Legislative Climate – DFS is often considered a game of skill, not chance, with all the legal advantages that come with such a designation

Drawbacks of Daily Fantasy Sports

While there are many reasons why Daily Fantasy Sports has been getting more and more popular every day, there are certainly a few minor annoyances and issues that might cause you to take a pass:

Tax Reporting – Since DFS operates in a more legally sound environment than some other types of gambling, most of the sites will forward information about your winnings to the IRS
Seasonal Variability – Unlike blackjack or the PokerStars Sunday Million, which can be enjoyed throughout the year, the types of contests you can enter in DFS are restricted to the sports running during any given season